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Important Update for Clients with Upcoming Events 
Updated: October1, 2020
Current Guidance for All Events

As we all navigate through the uncharted waters of the Covid-19 pandemic, Engaged Sounds Entertainment continues to stand by our Clients’ sides as they make difficult decisions about their upcoming events. As new information becomes available and timelines are adjusted, outside of our control, we will continue to update our Cancellation or Postponement of Events & Credit Certificate Policy. Please know that the health & safety of our clients and staff is our top priority.


We continue to follow guidance from our state & local government officials, as well as guidelines presented by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As these guidelines evolve and additional guidance is presented, we too will evolve in this fight against the virus. If you have a concern about your upcoming event please feel free to reach out to your Event Manager by calling 407-362-1850 or by emailing us at


No Event Cancellations or Postponements are required at this time.


For questions or clarification, please contact your Event Manager at 407-362-1850.

For the Safety of our Entertainers & Staff

Our family of entertainers & staff mean the world to us, just as your family means the world to you. For this reason, we have decided to implement some temporary protocols and safety measures to help us protect you, your guests, and our teammates, so that we may all remain safe and healthy. Please note that these limited measures are temporary and are only enforced for the protection of all.

  • All Entertainers/DJs & Staff will promote social distancing, where possible and when appropriate.

  • Our Entertainers/DJs & Staff are required to wear masks when social distancing is not available. Please note that our team will not be utilizing masks while using a microphone to host an activity or during Open Dance Floor music mixing. All guests, staff, and fellow vendors are kindly requested to remain 6-feet away from our Entertainers/DJs & Staff.

  • We have temporarily discontinued microphone use for anyone except the Entertainer/DJ and any Ceremony Officiant. Toast presenters and other formalities requiring guests to speak to the crowd must be able to be done without the use of a microphone. No background music will be played during these moments.


  • No guests, venue staff, or other vendor(s) may go behind the Entertainer's/DJ's table for any reason (signage is provided).

  • Until further notice, a decorative barrier will be placed between the Entertainer/DJ and the guest area to promote social distancing. This is already included in our Classic Intrigue and higher packages. No additional fees will be assessed if this is an upgrade to your existing package.

Any questions or concerns related to the above policies should be directed to your Event Manager

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