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Getting Married on the High Seas

Have you ever been on a cruise and had the time of your life eating, drinking, and partying, all for one affordable price. Major cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Lines travel all over the world, offering breathtaking vacation experiences for millions of people every year. With newer and more modern ships afloat nowadays and so many rooms to fill, these cruise lines are offering cruise fares that are cheaper than ever. Have you ever considered combining your wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon into one fantastic voyage aboard a luxury cruise ship? You may be surprised to learn how affordable it really can be.

For many years, couples have opted out of the traditional "land" wedding ceremony and reception where thousands of dollars are spent on hundreds of family and friends, many of which the bride and groom barely know. Just imagine that you have invited twenty or thirty of your closest family and friends to be a part of a seven-day Caribbean Wedding Celebration (most are which are willing to pay for their own way in order to join you). Imagine the memories that you will have for the rest of your lives. All-inclusive cruise ship weddings come with a small ceremony with a ship's senior officer (often the Captain) as the officiate, photography, cocktail party, cake, and an hour or more of the ship's DJ for a private reception.

There are many options and packages that can be selected based on the cruise itinerary, cruise line, and the number of guests that you will have sailing with you throughout the cruise. Occasionally, a cruise line may allow you to invite non-sailing guests to join you on the embarkation day for a small fee per person. Those that remain aboard for your full cruise can have other special functions and venues reserved based on the ship's schedule and availability,

Engaged Sounds Entertainment's owner, DJ Drew, sailed for several seasons aboard Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, and Royal Caribbean Cruises as a DJ, Activity Manager, and finally as a Cruise Director. He has hosted many of these wedding celebrations and knows first hand how to plan and perform aboard a cruise ship. Engaged Sounds can also be hired to accompany you aboard your wedding cruise and will enhance the cruise experience by performing in place of the ship's DJ for all wedding related activities and functions, arranging and organizing all group shore activities, and providing your group with ship-board private activities throughout your celebration cruise. Please contact us at (407) 362-1850 for more details and information.

Whether you choose to have a small wedding ceremony with an ocean view followed by a short cocktail reception or intimate dining experience or you choose to rock the boat with a large group of family and friends, you will never regret your choice to have a wedding and honeymoon at sea with great food, entertainment, and relaxation for all.

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