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Marriage Celebration Dance Will Warm Their Hearts

Many brides-to-be have either seen or heard of a Marriage Celebration Dance that is common at many wedding receptions. This specialty dance has also been referred to as the Marriage Appreciation or Anniversary Dance and begins with the DJ or MC inviting all of your married guests to join for a romantic twirl and dance on the dance floor. As a very specially selected song is played, your guests dance together until eliminated, based on their number of years of marriage. For an extra special photo/video opportunity, the remainder of your guests are asked to circle the dance floor and help support those married couples that are dancing. As each couple is eliminated (starting with the newlyweds), they join the circle around the remaining dancing couples until you have one couple left.

Some of our clients know exactly which couple has been married the longest and this couple is usually the grandparents or Aunt and Uncle of the Bride or Groom. When the newlyweds know who will remain as the last couple dancing, they can be prepared to present them with a unique gift as a memento of this occasion. If the newlyweds don’t know who the couple may be, they can present them with something more generic. This is a great way to allow your guests to feel more involved in the actual celebration of your wedding.

When considering gift ideas, we offer our clients several suggestions that range in cost to the bride and groom. On the less expensive end of the spectrum is a simple, yet beautiful photo frame that will eventually hold a professional photo of the newlyweds and the longest-married couple, posing together on the dancefloor with the rest of the guests in the background. On the more expensive end of the cost spectrum, the newlyweds may want to present a specially designed “throw” bouquet to the longest married woman. The DJ/MC would explain to the guests that since she has been unable to catch the bouquet in the “Bouquet Toss” ritual for so many years, the bride and groom want to present this bouquet as a token of their appreciation for the example that has been set for the newlyweds. Your DJ’s personality can also allow for some humor and emotion that will resonate throughout the crowd.

Other gift ideas include a dozen roses, a simple scented candle, an engraved memento, and any other creative ways to express gratitude and love. Although the gift idea is nice, it is never required and your longest-married couple will love just being recognized and being offered an opportunity to join in your celebration.

For more information on how you can incorporate a Marriage Celebration Dance into your wedding reception, talk to your DJ or contact one of our Engaged Sounds Entertainment Event Managers who would be honored to provide you with additional ideas about how to make this a huge success for your special day.

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