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Expecting Excellence & Actually Getting It

It is commonly believed that making any purchase in life is an investment of your hard earned money and that you should get what you paid for. Once you’ve made that purchase, does the product or service live up to your expectations? Would it have been better if you had the promise of a guarantee? We all know that most of the products that we buy are protected by a return policy but how do you return a service that has been provided to you. You have limited rights that protect you when you purchase a wedding vendor’s services so pay attention because this information might just save you thousands of dollars that might otherwise be wasted.

At one time or another, most of us have experienced a great salesman, someone who will promise you the world if you purchase whatever it is that they are selling. Once you get home, you learn that your item either doesn’t work or you feel that it wasn’t worth the money you spent. It should be noted that most wedding vendors will provide you with exactly what they promised you and with the quality that you hoped for however, there are several companies out there that are more interested in the money you’ll spend versus the quality that you will receive.

At a recent wedding that we attended, our bride realized that the wedding coordinator that she had hired was rarely visible. When a problem came up and they WILL come up, the coordinator was nowhere to be found. Later, we learned that throughout the wedding planning process, the coordinator was difficult to reach and often left the bride to be responsible for the details. This is not what the bride expected after paying a lot of money for the coordinator’s professional services. Unfortunately, this happens more and more in recent times. How can you protect yourself and your hard-earned investment?

The simple answer is to get a guarantee of services and satisfaction, in writing. This small effort, on the part of the wedding vendor, gives peace of mind to the client and ensures that the vendor will provide the services that were promised before the sale was made. It is surprising that most wedding vendors will tell you that their services are guaranteed but if you read the contract that you will be required to sign, the guarantee is not there. Although a contract is designed to protect you and your vendor, if you are not careful to read everything that you are signing for, you may actually be protecting the wedding vendor more than yourself.

At Engaged Sounds Entertainment, we believe that selling a service is an ethical obligation. Your satisfaction should and will be guaranteed in writing with every contract. This peace of mind allows you to feel confident that we will not only provide everything we quoted you but we will also stand behind our entertainers and our service. This extra touch is rare in our industry but it is something that you should demand up front. Fortunately, we have never had a client enact this guarantee but when asked about having it, our clients indicated that they felt better that it was there.

For more information on our guarantee or the services that we provide, we encourage you to visit our website at or call us today at 407-362-1850. We llok forward to speaking with you and earning your business.

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