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Choosing the “UNPLUGGED” Wedding Ceremony

Have you noticed that with the growing advances in our portable electronic devices, many of your friends and family have become the newest amateur photographers and videographers? Advances in smartphones and tablets have given everyone on your guest list the opportunity to feel like your personal memory-savers. This has become a growing problem for many brides lately. As your guests are trying to find the perfect angle to record the vows, ring placement, and first kiss, the professional and often very expensive photographer is having a more difficult time grabbing the artistic photos that you will want in your wedding album. As a DJ who stands in the back to avoid being in your photos, I often witness guests with devices held high and out in the aisle while the photography team scrambles frantically to avoid these unwanted additions to the photos.

In recent years, we are noticing that more and more of our clients are opting for “unplugged” wedding ceremonies and you can too. An “unplugged” wedding ceremony means that your guests are kindly asked to refrain from having the urge to photograph or video your wedding service. By asking them to do this, your guests will remain in their seats, enjoy the ceremony, and allow for the professionals to capture all the spectacular moments throughout the ceremony. This should not appear to be rude or insensitive to your guests. With a gentle pre-ceremony announcement to your guests from the DJ or a well-thought statement placed on your invitations, your guests will respect your wishes and you will get the beautiful images and video that you deserve. For more information on how Engaged Sounds Entertainment can help you have an “unplugged” wedding ceremony, contact us today by phone at (407) 362-1850 or email us at

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