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A Very Merry Christmas Surprise

Christmas Eve has been voted the most romantic time to get down on one knee according to a 2015 poll taken among newly engaged and recently married couples. When picking the perfect Christmas gift for your significant other, what is more romantic than an engagement ring that says I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Take a moment to consider the meaning of an engagement and how it relates to the holiday season. The gift of a diamond engagement ring has long-served as a symbol of dedication and love and the holiday season is a time when loved ones come together and reflect on their lives together. It is no wonder that this tradition of proposing on Christmas Eve is still going strong today.

Whether you are on a budget or money is no object, men and women around the world will begin a new chapter of their lives this Christmas. Did you know that the first recorded engagements date back to the caveman days? According to Reader’s Digest, the caveman would tie cords, made of braided grass, around his chosen mate’s wrists, ankles, and waist, to bring her spirit under his control. The Egyptians were buried wearing rings made of a single silver or gold wire on the third finger of their left hands, believed to be connected directly to the heart by the vena amoris. In the year 1477, in one of the first recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring, Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposes to Mary of Burgundy with a ring that is set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an “M.”

Today, the engagement ring is a symbol of love that is presented to a special someone who means everything in your life and whom you hope will share the desire to live happily ever after with you. Once you are engaged, it’s time to start thinking about how you will share your nuptials with the rest of your family, friends, and loved ones. You will want to make sure it’s perfect in every way and represents you, as a couple. Selecting wedding professionals is the key to success. Once you have had a chance to breathe and take in the moment that will positively change your life forever, make sure you reach out to Engaged Sounds Entertainment so we can start pointing you in the right direction. CONGRATULATIONS!

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