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Master of Ceremonies - Do I Need One?

During your wedding planning process, you may have heard that you should consider having an MC at your wedding reception. Furthermore, you might be asking yourself these questions. What is an MC? What do they do? Do I need one for my wedding? Before you consider whether you might want or need an MC, let’s take a look at exactly what they do and how they might be right for your special wedding day.

As early as the 5th century, a Masters of Ceremonies (MC) would be known to have presided in the Catholic Church as an official of the Papal Court and would be responsible for the smooth and efficient flow of rituals for the Pope and the sacred liturgy. Today, a Master of Ceremonies has a similar role at a wedding reception with some modern modifications. The role of an MC is to organize the flow of your reception formalities, make important announcements, and provide a sophisticated entertainment experience by interacting with your guests in an inviting and enjoyable manner. A great MC will know when and where everyone needs to be at every moment to ensure a flawless reception experience.

Dependent upon the personality and desires of the guests of honor (the bride and groom), the MC must be talented enough to determine how much enthusiasm to use and when to take charge. Additionally, a professional wedding MC is able to identify and resolve unexpected mishaps that might otherwise ruin your wedding day. It is often mistaken that a family member or friend might be the perfect Master of Ceremonies at a wedding however, there is much more that goes into hosting a wedding that requires professional wedding industry experience. Simply put, would you trust an unexperienced family member or friend to solve an electrical problem in your home or replace the carbonator in your car, just because they were willing to do it for free?

Many Wedding DJs offer one individual to mix the music and provide you with MC service. Although this may appear more affordable for you budget at the time of booking, how will you feel when the DJ shifts from dinner music to the Father-Daughter Dance and doesn’t realize that your father is in the restroom? You are now standing on the dancefloor, as all of your guests look on, and your dad is not there. This mistake happens quite often as noticed in several professional reviews posted on Wedding Wire and The Knot. Great MCs will have made certain that your dad is in the room and ready to go before the announcement is ever made.

The choice to hire an MC for your wedding shouldn’t be taken lightly as there is often a fee associated with the additional talent that you would bring to your wedding however, most reputable and quality DJ companies offer significant savings by incorporating an MC in some of their bundle packages. Having an MC at your wedding will provide you with a dedicated professional that will interact with your crowd, provide your reception with enhanced entertainment value, and offer you peace of mind, knowing that your details are being looked after, while you get to enjoy your wedding day.

If you have decided that an MC might be a good fit for your wedding day, make sure you reach out to Engaged Sounds Entertainment so that we can discuss your options and get you on the path to an outstanding wedding entertainment experience.

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