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Why Should My DJ Have Insurance?

Have you considered how you would be able to afford the cost of someone else’s negligence at your wedding? Did you know that most event venues have a clause in their Contract Agreements that state that “You are responsible for any/all damages caused by you or your guests?” This also includes vendors that you might hire to support your event. Most people never read this in the contracts because they are so long and boring however, this is something that you need to be aware of. The costs of fighting a lawsuit, including attorney and court fees can be astronomical.

When you are considering which DJ Entertainment company, among other vendors, that you will hire for your next event, don’t forget to find out what kind of insurance they have and how much does it protect. Most hotel and reputable event venues require that your vendors carry minimum amounts of liability insurance that not only protects the vendor but also protects the venue itself. If your potential vendors have this insurance, they are usually more than happy to provide you with proof as it doesn’t cost anything to get you a copy. In fact, it is your right to ask for this proof. If your vendor is unwilling or unable to provide proof of liability insurance, you should assume that they don’t have it. These are the businesses that you want to avoid. No vendor should ever charge you a fee for this insurance. It is a cost of doing business.

Attempting to make this explanation as simple and plain as possible, let’s use a real-life example. To protect the parties involved and to avoid slandering accusations, the names and locations have been made up to protect the not-so-innocent. Although this case may seem extreme, you never know what might happen during your event and it is always prudent to be protected and have peace of mind.

In 2014, a DJ company was hired to perform at a wedding for 120 guests in California. The bride and groom had received an online quote from this company that had a price that seemed reasonable and they had received many excellent reviews. The DJ contract stated that the company had all of the requisite insurance needed. The venue did not require or never requested a copy of this insurance policy. With all said and done, the event began as scheduled with no foreseeable problems. During the Father/Daughter Dance that took place during the buffet dinner, a guest tripped on one of the DJ’s speaker stands. This caused the speaker to come crashing down on another guest. This speaker weighed about 45 pounds. This caused some damage to the speaker and some relatively serious injuries to the guest. It also caused damage to the venue’s portable dance floor. Overall, including all medical expenses and property damage, the bride and groom faced several bills that totaled over $23,000.

The bride and groom approached the DJ to make a claim with his insurance company. They later learned the truth. There was no insurance. The only insurance that the DJ had was his automobile insurance policy which provided no coverage for these claims. The bride and groom were devastated and had to go to court in order to sue the DJ company for this personal loss. The case is still pending.

The moral of this story is that you shouldn’t take any chances. If you are going to hire a vendor who doesn’t have insurance, you would be taking a major risk. If you want to do things the right way and protect yourself, your venue, and your guests, hire a company that carries a minimum of $2,000.000 in Commercial General Liability Insurance. This protects you from the responsibility of damage to individuals and property. Property insurance is a different type of insurance and only covers the DJ in the event of damage or loss of their equipment. This doesn’t cover you, your guests, or the venue.

Engaged Sounds Entertainment carries Commercial General Liability Insurance and is always proud to show this coverage proof to our clients. If you have questions about our liability coverage, make sure you reach out to Engaged Sounds Entertainment so that we can discuss your options and get you on the path to an outstanding wedding entertainment experience. Call us at 407-362-1850 or email us at

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