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3 Industry Secrets to Having a Packed Dance Floor at Your Wedding

Are you concerned that your guests are shy and may not want to dance at your wedding reception? Do you like to avoid the spotlight because being the center of attention is makes you feel uncomfortable? If either of these questions sounds like something you might ask, you should know that you are not alone.

Many of our potential clients have the same questions when they are considering which professional DJ to hire for their wedding day. “How will make sure that my guests dance during the party?” We have spent many years observing, learning, and developing strategies that engage your guests in unique ways. In fact, if you follow some of these industry secrets that we are about to reveal, you may have the best wedding party that you and your guests have ever been to.

Secret #1: Keep your dance floor smaller in size and as dimly lit as possible.

We know that this may sound very scientific but you should think about the psychology behind this secret. First, if your dance floor is too large, there will be a lot of empty space, not being danced on. Unless you are ballroom dancers, you don’t need a lot of space for dancing. No one wants to feel like they are alone on the dance floor. With extra space between dancers, that’s exactly how you would feel. Think about the last time you were at the club. When the dance floor was packed, you probably didn’t know where the dance floor began and where it ended. This is because nightclub dance floors are intentionally designed to be small so that it feels crowded and therefore, you don’t feel alone.

This is also the concept used when it comes to the lighting. Instead of using big overhead chandeliers, how about just using some dance floor moving lights. Less lighting on you and your guests mean that less people can see your funky dance moves. If you are less likely to be seen dancing, you will be more likely to want to dance. We suggest minimal ambient lighting and more moving lights, just enough to see where you’re walking but not much more.

Secret #2: Allow your DJ to accept reasonable music requests.

This is sometimes hard for some brides to do. They are concerned that their guests will ask the DJ to play outrageous songs that will kill the dance floor. This is why we recommend hiring a truly professional DJ who can make good choices and follow the plan that you created before the wedding day. You and your DJ should have a conversation about what is acceptable to play and what is not to be heard at your wedding. From there, you should allow and trust that your DJ will filter through the requests and play only the acceptable genres and artists. When giving your DJ the “DO NOT PLAY LIST,” make sure that you haven’t been too broad. For example, if you instruct the DJ that there is to be NO country music, make sure that you are prepared to have your DJ turn away ANY requests for any and all country music. We advise that you are more specific about artists or songs that would ruin your wedding day.

Music requests can drive your dance floor activity. When your guests are enjoying the music they are hearing, they will want to dance more. If you would like to have more control over the song requests, we suggest that you send out your wedding invitations that include a “Song Request” card that allows each guest to pre-select one song that they know they want to dance to. Once you receive these back, filter through them and provide your DJ with the songs that you find acceptable and want played. Now your guests will dance to the music and you won’t be concerned about what might get played.

Secret #3: The Bride & Groom and Bridal Party should be on the dance floor as much as possible.

If you are a shy bride or groom, it’s OK to admit it. Your bridal party can help out too. As guests at your wedding reception begin to dance, they are looking for you. You are the confidence builder that they need to get out on the floor. Sometimes, people just need an excuse to do something uncomfortable. If you and your new spouse start dancing to the first few songs, your guests will naturally want to join you. You are like the bait on the hook. Once they are dancing, you can disappear, if that’s what you choose. Psychologists have proven that most people will avoid getting on a dance floor when no one else is already dancing. If you and your bridal party get things started, the rest will follow.

As an added bonus, the more you dance at the beginning of the dance set, the more amazing photos you will have with the hair and makeup still intact. As the night progresses, you and your guests may become more intoxicated and feel looser. It’s a good idea to get those great dance shots before the party gets too wild.

For more information on how Engaged Sounds Entertainment can help you have an exciting wedding reception, contact us today by phone at (407) 362-1850 or email us at

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